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Surfaces We Clean

Concrete patios and sidewalks are flat surfaces that accumulate grime unlike any other. Our detergent system and surface cleaners cut through the dirt to brighten your concrete giving it a like new appearance. It’s an affordable service that instantly adds appeal to your front entrance and backyard entertainment spaces.

This picture shows an areas where brick on chimneys is stained with run off from gutters. The stain ran from near the top of the chimney to the ground–in this case almost 3 stories. These pictures show before (black stain)–during (partial cleaning)–and after of just one section to see how well the treatment worked. This is done with solvent, hand brushing (if needed), and spray/rinse–so that the surface is not damaged by the cleaning process.

The deck in the picture is located in a shady area with tree covering. The wood was discolored and had a green mold coloring.

Note in the before pictures or the two Contrast pictures, how the wood was cleaned (back to the natural color) so that it could be treated/stained. The customer said “Wow, we haven’t seen that color in years!!!”

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